Tinnitus and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - CBT and Tinnitus

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Tinnitus

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Tinnitus Management Process
How the process works
Undertaking tinnitus management is a process, and needs to be tailored to each individual's own needs.

The basic essentials of tinnitus treatment are:

  • Understand the mechanism of tinnitus More...

  • Effectively manage autonomic responses More...

  • Sound therapy (including hearing aid amplification) More....

Integrating Core Specialisms

I integrate TWO areas of knowledge and skills into Tinnitus Management, and bring with me many years of experience doing so

The two areas are those of Hearing Therapy - a specialist area of Audiological Rehabilitation; and Psychotherapy - in particular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Learn more about CBT, REBT and Tinnitus

Through the integration of both sets of skills and experience, I am able to work very effectively with people who - in addition to distressing tinnitus - have anxiety, panic or depression, and very often all three plus tinnitus and hyperacusis (hearing hypersensitivity). Such debilitating symptoms require very careful management if a person is to return to anything resembling a "normal" life

Tinnitus - Anxiety - Panic - Depression - Tinnitus

No Tinnitus Management intervention will alleviate tinnitus distress while anxiety, panic or depression are left unaddressed.

By working with me, combining psychotherapeutic approaches most suited to the individual person I am working with, people achieve major changes that impact on their lives generally as well as on tinnitus distress - problems that previously seemed to be insurmountable

For a clinician, this is complex work but extremely rewarding for me - and for the patients I work with!

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Tinnitus

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