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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Tinnitus

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Understanding the Tinnitus Mechanism

An essential aspect of being able to change how well we are able to live with tinnitus, is gaining an understanding of what tinnitus is and why it behaves in the way it does.

During the Cognitive Behaviour process in the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme, it's how we react to the tinnitus that is dealt with and altered, because it is our reaction toward tinnitus that creates and perpetuates distress, worry, stress, anxiety etc that is burdensome.

There is still much to be learned of what produces tinnitus i.e. precisely what is happening in our brain physiology pertaining to the presence of the unwanted noise that we hear as tinnitus, but a start point to being able to learn to deal with it at a personal, individual level, is to understand what we DO know about the tinnitus mechanism itself. The explanation of the mechanism - including known triggers etc., are including at the beginning of the first stage.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Tinnitus

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